Slip collar/choke chain demo and workshop.

  • A one time course, lasting roughly 40 minutes.  The workshop will discuss the misconceptions about and misuse of slip collars and prong collars.  A demonstration will be presented to educate in proper use and explain training techniques.
  • The dangers of improper use will be discussed as well as the benefits.

Single payment of $20 

(minimum of 4 sign ups before official start date release. tentative date June 15th)

Early puppy obedience class


  • For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months.
  • Puppies must be up to date on shots over the duration of the class.
  • Basic puppy obedience focuses on building the foundation of a strong bond between owner and dog to ensure good training habits.  In this class the primary bonding period, early leadership and puppy problem solving.  This means we discuss potty training solutions, chewing issues and much more.
  • Basic puppy obedience aspires to teach appropriate leash obedience, as well as simple obedience cues such as sit, lay down and stay.
  • Two different Puppy obedience classes are offered for two different size groups, big and small. 

(Minimum of 4 sign ups before the official start date for either the big or small class is released)

AKC Good Canine Citizen training

  • GCC training is considered complete when the owner feels ready to take the AKC Good Citizen Program test at a location where licensed professional administers and oversees the test.  Results may vary for this course due to the rigid guidelines of the AKC GCC test.
  • A thorough overview of the guidelines for the test are discussed in detail and training sessions are focussed around preparing a dog and owner for the 10 scenarios required to pass the test successfully.

(minimum of 4 sign ups before the official start state for this class is released)

Basic obedience I


  • Basic obedience class for all age groups and sizes.
  • Basic obedience discusses basic problem solving, leash obedience, and quality leadership skills.  Training also works on reinforcing discipline while learning how to sit, low down, stay, and much more.  
  • The class will primarily focus on perfecting obedience cues and handling.  Basic obedience is great for relationship building between owner and dog and is highly recommended for anyone looking to strengthen that bond.
  • Dogs must pass obedience I before proceeding onto obedience II


(minimum of 4 sign ups before official start date for this class can be released)

Pricing:   All obedience classes offered at the kennel are the same  price 
Single:  $34
package (6 week commitment): $160

Custom training plan 


  • The custom training plan is best for those with dogs that need more one-on-one attention during training or for dogs that don’t do well or are just not ready for the classroom setting.
  • Custom training is also for dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs, as it can be dangerous to have them in a class setting.
  • The custom training plan is started with an intake where we can meet at the owner’s home or location of their choosing to meet the dog and discuss what issues the owner is looking to address.  The custom training plan is thorough and will include a personalized lesson plan each week as well as homework assigned to the owner to continue to work on in between  sessions to ensure faster results.
  • Usually one-on-one training is fairly effective and results are seen quicker than in a group class, so it’s ideal for anyone that needs to address a training issue right away.
  • The custom training plan is the only training class that offers a full in home assessment and problem solving

Pricing:  Custom training plans are priced 20% above group classes 
Single: $40
Package (6 week commitment):  $192

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