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General Policies:


Vaccinations: For any boarding or daycare booking, we require proof of the following up to date vaccinations:


Rabies (required by state law, must be given every 2 years). 
Parvo (also known as distemper), must be given every year. 
Bordetella (also known as kennel cough), must be given every 6 months. Note: this is not a routine vaccination, so you must request it. This vaccination is recommended for dogs that regularly come into contact with other dogs.


Rabies (required by state law) must be given every 2 years. 
Parvo (also known as distemper) must be given every year.


Flea and tick treatment: We recommend flea and tick treatment for pets particularly in late spring, summer, and fall. Ask your vet for a product such as Frontline, K9 Advantix, or Revolution. Products intended for dogs may be toxic to cats, so make sure the product is labeled for cats before using it on a cat.


Tours: We welcome you to tour our facility, but please call ahead to schedule a time. We are regularly rotating dogs and for the safety of the dogs, we can not allow anyone but employees in the kennel area at those times. Also, we want to make sure a staff person is available to answer all of your questions without being rushed.




Play group / Daycare policies:


Temperament test for play group: Dogs must pass a temperament screening before being admitted to daycare. This test screens for aggression or overly rough behavior, and ensures that our play groups are safe and stress-free. There is a one-time charge of $17 for temperament testing. Please call us to arrange a convenient time and date. If the screening is successful, the $17 fee can be applied to the first day of daycare. Dogs that are aggressive or overly rough cannot be admitted to daycare.


Dogs older than 9 months must be neutered to play in the play group.


Note about the play groups: Dogs spend most of the day playing with other dogs and our daycare staff. Just as you may be tired after a vacation, your dog may be tired when you pick him or her up -- this is normal. Dogs may get small scrapes or scratches from playing or wrestling with other dogs. This is uncommon, but can happen. Our groups are fully supervised by trained staff. Dogs that are aggressive are not allowed in the group and we do our best to prevent conflicts and overly rough play. If you have any questions or concerns about how your dog does in the play group, please give us a call.




Boarding Policies:


Late pick-ups: Our business hours are firm because we have a very full schedule and must thoroughly clean the kennel every day after closing. Pets must be picked up during business hours. If you can't be there to pick up your dog that day, we give you until 11 a.m. the following day as a courtesy for no charge.


Aggressive dogs: Staff must be able to bring dogs in and out of the yards and safely enter a dog's kennel to give food and water. We cannot admit dogs that are aggressive or likely to bite.


Dogs in heat: We require a $5 additional charge to board a dog that is in heat.


Intact males: We require a $5 additional charge to board an un-neutered adult male dog.


Medication: We are able to dispense medications, including insulin, for a small fee of $1 per dose ($2 for time-sensitive medications).


Feeding: There is a .50 cent fee for meals requiring special preparation (e.g., microwave, mixing together wet and dry food, etc).


Bags of food: Our space for belongings is limited: please do not bring large bags of dog food. Instead, measure the amount your dog will need into a plastic container.




Holiday Booking Policies:


Because we are usually sold out during the holidays, we must ensure that we are able to cater to as many clients as we can during peak travel times. Our holiday booking policy applies to the following holidays as well as the day before and the day after these dates: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, New Years Eve. If you are booking your pet's boarding during the listed holidays:


We will require a credit card number be placed on file at the time of booking to hold a reservation.


Holiday bookings must be a minimum of two days. For example, if you drop your pet off on Christmas Eve, and pick up before 11:00am on Christmas Day, you will still be charged for two days.


Early pick-ups will be charged for the original booked stay.


Cancellations during these times must be 1 week [7 days] prior to the arrival date, or WAG-N-TRAIN reserves the right to charge the client a cancellation fee equal to a two day stay.


No-shows and/or repeated cancellations will require a non-refundable deposit in order to book future reservations.


A client with multiple no-shows may be denied future reservations.


Thank you for reading and understanding our policies. If you have any questions, please call (701) 746-9331 during business hours.







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